Choosing the Right DUI Attorney Makes All the Difference – Find One Using These Questions


Regardless of whether you were caught driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or charged for being too impaired to drive after taking a prescription drug, DUI charges are taken seriously. You put yourself at risk of having your license suspended, penalty and jail sentence. Get help from a DUI attorney as he/she would help in negotiating the charges.

Asking more questions will help you choose the best attorney:

A good attorney would lay out all the facts and potential defenses. The key to find the right attorney is by asking essential questions. It would be better if you discuss your case with many attorneys rather than settling for the first one you meet. Most attorneys offer free consultation. Qualified lawyers are always ready to answer your questions.

The questions you ask will also reflect a lot about you. You give attorney the impression that you are prepared to handle this. If you are looking for Nevada DUI attorney, contact Goodman Criminal Lawyer law firm. Their skilled team of attorneys has vast experience in handling DUI cases. Book a free consultation with them today. They are happy to answer your queries.

Use the first consultation to:

  • Learn about the attorney’s background and experience
  • Discuss about available options
  • Ask them the strategies they would use regarding your case
  • Decide if you want to go forward with the particular attorney

Go prepared for first consultation: Carry the following items.

  • Related court documentation
  • Bail report
  • The police report (if possible)
  • Any other paperwork related to your case

Create a list of names of everyone associated with your case including victims and eye witnesses. If the attorney has a history with any of those related to your case, he may decline to represent you due to conflict of interest. Bring the list of questions and have writing material to jot down their answers or to take any notes.

Background and experience:

  • Are you a part of any bar association or professional organization?
  • Since how long are you in this field?
  • How many DUI cases do you handle every year?
  • Is it a common practice for you to negotiate agreements?
  • How often do your take DUI cases to trial?

Case management:

  • Ask the follow questions to avoid misunderstanding while handling the case.
  • Would someone else work on my case? If so, can I meet them?
  • Will it be you or someone else representing me in court?
  • Whom do I contact if I have questions during the process?
  • How often can I expect status updates?


Facing DUI charges is an expensive affair. There could be dines, loss of license, jail time and increased insurance premiums. Adding up to this is the attorney fees. Plan your finances accordingly and enquire about your attorney’s billing method.

  • Do you charge a flat fee or are there hourly rates?
  • What is included and exclude in your fee structure?
  • What is the estimate of other legal expenses?

The answers to the above questions would guide you in finding the best attorney. Get the right legal help.

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