Tips to Enjoy the Entertaining Music Venues and Festivals of Beale Street


Memphis city is famous for its Rock n roll music. The honor to evoke such awesome music notes goes to the musicians of Beale Street. When you walk around the Beale streets, you can hear musical notes played by music enthusiasts. The night life in the beautiful city seems live and pleasant while enjoying sightseeing listen to music in the background.

Music lovers love to visit the music venues of Beale streets:

  • Rum Boogie Café. You can entertain yourself listening and dancing the whole night to music of their famous Boogie Blues band known to be the best music house band in the street.
  • B. King’s restaurant: It is stated to be the right place to hear modern music played by famous bands of King Beez, William Tucker and Memphis Jones. In the midst of enjoying the savories served in the restaurants, your guests can dance to the tune of few world-famous popular songs.
  • The New Daisy theatre: As the name suggests it is a well-known place rented by famous music bands throughout the year. In this music hall shows are conducted that are quite popular among teenagers
  • Silky O’Sullivan’s: Well known Irish bar noted for the performance of local songstress Barbara Blue with her band. She is a great pianist. Audience can listen to her melodies while enjoying the delicious Irish dishes served in the bar.
  • Blues City Café: Popular place for tourists and local music fans of world-famous band where you can hang out the whole night. The live music played by the band lures music lovers from all over the world.

memphis music

All the music venues provide entertainment for people to spend the whole night listening and dancing to tunes of the best music played in the wonderful city. Beale Street of Memphis holds music festival every year in the first weekend of May.

Few lines on Music fest of Beale Street:

In the well-known Tom Lee Park of the city more than sixty singers play their part in making the fest a life time memorable moment for their music fans. The whole city is flooded with music enthusiasts.

Besides the music, you can enjoy the other offers of the three-day festival with your dear ones. Dancing to the tunes of the live music band near the banks of Mississippi river while enjoying the local cuisine and being entertained by the local artists is something that nobody wants to miss while planning a visit to Memphis city.

What you need to do to enjoy the music fest?

  • Book your tickets and rest rooms in advance as the city will be crowded in May.
  • Download the music fest app to know the timings scheduled for each music show.
  • Don’t think of bringing valuables to the fest and better to have your water bottles and other immediate necessities so that you need not leave the venue before the show ends.

You enjoy the breathtaking moments of Memphis music band while you are enjoying the lovely tourist spots the city is proud off.

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