Passing Hair Drug Tests Is Easy With These 4 Steps


Almost every company in the USA and every bureau for employment asks from their candidates to do the drug test. Sometimes they ask for urine, sometimes the saliva, and lately, the most popular is the follicle test.

This is the most complex when it comes to getting rid of the narcotic particles built-up in your body. It’s impossible to cheat and it takes a lot of dedication if you want to get cleaned and pass it. However, nothing’s impossible if you know how to do it right.

In this article, we’re talking about the 4 most important steps you need to take if you want to do a perfect job when the time for the examination comes. Follow up and see what must be done to get that negative result you’re desperately looking for.

1. Choose the right shampoo

When you open the internet and start searching for the ultimate shampoo, you’ll see that there’s a ton of them labeled under the name detox. The thing here is that these are all solutions for treating a person’s hear that has been built up with particles that are unhealthy but they are not able to clean absolutely everything.

You’re going to need a solution that can wash off the drug particles along with the other things. When you include this in the search you’ll realize that there are not so many solutions that can do the job.

Before you choose the first one you get to, first read what’s inside? Look for the propylene glycol ingredient which can strip the layers of the hair and release all the trapped toxins from inside it. The narcotics are just a part of these things.

The most popular, and probably the best one is the Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo who is one of the best friends for everyone trying to get good results on the drug test for work. It is equipped with the right substances and is completely safe unlike some of the other solution being sold for the same need. If you want to learn more about all of them, click here and see some of the other options too.

2. Learn about the macujo method

The macujo method is a popular alternative method that helped thousands of people go over the problematic examination. It is the number one reason they kept their jobs. So what is it?

It’s a combination of products that are being used at the same time for treating your hair. After it, you can be sure that you’ve done everything there is in the battle against getting caught for using narcotics.

The products used are the shampoo we just mentioned – the Aloe Rid – then, white vinegar, the pink Clean and Clear solution, and Tide shampoo. The system is not too complex but you need to follow a certain order if you want to be sure you did a good job.

First, you need to stop taking drugs when you begin the cleaning up. Then, you should know that this is a job that will take you 2 weeks. The hair must be washed daily and up to 4 times a day. In the end, you can be sure that you’ll pass without a problem and no one will notice you’ve been taking drugs in the past period. See details about this here:

3. Wash every day for 2 weeks

It’s important to do this just like the prescription says. Even if you don’t choose the macujo and only go with the shampoo we talked about, you need to spend a lot of time under the shower. You have to wash for 14 days straight and do it for up to 4 times a day.

This is important because the ingredients must get to every single hair on your head. Even more important is to treat every new growing part that comes out of your scalp.

When the lab practitioner takes a sample they’ll try to cut as close as possible to the shaft. They do this because they know that even if you did something in the last few days, it will take some time before it shows up.

The thing is, it takes around 2 weeks for the last consumption to be fully visible out of the scalp. When the narcotic particles build up in the scalp, they get inside the follicle and it takes 2 weeks to completely get out. This is a critical time and you need to constantly wash if you want to be sure that it will be fully washed.

4. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do

Good advice from anyone that’s been in this situation is not to do anything that will make you look suspicious. Some people think that shaving their head will prevent the lab practitioners to take a sample and with it, they’ll hack the system.

This is completely not true because not just you’ll be suspicious and might be sacked without even taking the test, but the officials will have no problem in getting a sample from another part on your body. Any sample is good for them, so unless you do it on your whole body, don’t do it at all. Of course, you risk failing without even trying to pass.


These 4 steps and conclusions will surely get you a negative result on the examination sheet. If you follow them straight, you can be sure that you’ll have no problem and you’ll keep your job. The most important part is keeping it cool and not revealing that you’ve been taking drugs. If anyone asks, just answer you’re clean.

If you skip a day, or you don’t take the instructions seriously, you might get bad results. Don’t let this happen. Getting a positive result is going to be disastrous for you. Losing your job and being marked as a drug user can ruin your entire career, so think about this before you skip a day.

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