Details You Need to be Aware about Selective Catalytic Reduction for Diesel


Selective Catalytic Reduction which is also known as SCR is very advanced type of emission control technology. In this technology a liquid-reductant agent is injected through certain special catalyst and that goes into exhaust stream of any diesel engine.

A chemical reaction takes place and nitrogen oxides gets converted into water, nitrogen and very little amount of carbon dioxide, which all are natural components of air that we breathe. This gets expelled through vehicle tailpipe.

Nowadays, you can buy Yara Air 1 from various sources that uses this SCR technology to control diesel emission.

Why SCR is important?

This SCR technology is very cost-effective. It is also a fuel-efficient technology available that helps in reducing diesel engine emissions. Due to its effectiveness, diesel engines can be tuned and also optimized to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

Most of the commercial heavy-duty trucks in the USA use this SCR technology.  Ever since 1st January 2010, it has become mandatory to meet latest standards of EPA emissions, which has most stringent requirements.

It can help in reducing particulate matter and nitrogen oxides to almost zero levels. With SCR technology, NOx emissions can be reduced up to 90% while at the same time reduces CO and HC emissions by 50 to 90% as well as PM emissions almost by 30 to 50%.

Where SCR is used?

For almost decades, for reducing stationary source emissions out of various industrial operations, this SCR technology has been used. Besides, marine vessels have also been using this technology worldwide.

Due to its superior return both economically and environmentally, SCR is also has been recognized as emissions control technology, which is particularly helpful to meet the U.S. standard of diesel engine emission for heavy-duty vehicles as well as other diesel passenger vehicles too.

What are special considerations by using SCR?

There is a special need of replenishing periodically Diesel Exhaust Fluid known as DEF while using SCR technology. DEF consumption rates generally are decided by vehicle operation.

Due to more aggressive driving particularly while carrying heavy load or driving at much higher speeds may increase DEF consumptions.  For any light-duty vehicles, such DEF refill intervals will occur while changing oil or during scheduled vehicle maintenance.

For any heavy-duty vehicles or off-road machines/equipment DEF replenishment may vary based on the various operating conditions, miles travelled, hours used, load factors and few such other considerations.

What is DEF?

DEF as we mentioned above is Diesel Exhaust Fluid that is a non-toxic liquid, which consists of purified water along with automotive grade of aqueous urea.  American Petroleum Institute will rigorously test DEF to make sure that it will meet industry-wide quality standards.

DEF distribution infrastructures are available nationwide to meet the requirements of growing SCR technology.

DEF has been available widely for purchasing since 2010, at different locations like convenience stores, service stations, Wal-Mart, automotive parts stores and petroleum retailers and also truck stops, engine distributors and truck dealerships.

Most manufacturers of heavy-duty truck calculated the operating costs of these new SCR-equipped vehicles depending on DEF price. However, the DEF price responds to various supply and demand conditions of market and may decrease because of growing network of various DEF supplies.

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