Dogs Save the World: Preparing Your Service Animal

Dog service

Owners can collectively agree that their dogs have saved their lives. Figuratively and literally. They’re companions that ease loneliness or strong protectors of your home. On top of all that, they canalso act as professional service animals to people with disabilities.


In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act declared canines as service animals. They’re the only species trained to support individuals with illnesses. Even your family pet can help people with disabilities. Before you buy a service dog vest, learn how you can help your dog become a lifelong health aid:

Assess Your Pet

While there are no breed restrictions, a fewdo naturally possess the true qualities of a service animal. Before they undergo training, be sure to have a vet assess their health. A pre-existing medical conditionmay hinder their ability to do their job effectively.


Another thing you should note is their personality. Are they aggressive or docile? The right temperament strikes a balance between the 2 characteristics. It’s important for these support pets to be relaxed but alert and assertive when needed.

Teach Skills

Now, this is where the real training starts. Like any other lesson, it’s important to start small and work your way up. Once “come here” and “sit” are mastered, it might be time to move onto more complex instructions like:


  • Heeling – The dogs must stay close to their handler, no matter where the latter goes.
  • Proofing – They must tune out distractions and maintain focus on their human.
  • Tasking – This includes training them to sense danger or bring medicine to their owners.


It’ll take some time and patience, but once your pup is fully trained, it’ll be time to put their newfound knowledge to the test. Observe how they behave in public. Are they respectful of other dogs and humans? Do they follow you or get sidetracked? Are they abiding by verbal commands?Through this little experiment, you can see where your dog is excelling and which areas might need more attention.

Certify and Equip

Some people might not even realize that your pet is a service animal. So, it’s important to have documents on hand in case someone, like the authorities ask for them. You might need to buy a service dog vest and ID card for your canine, so people can easily identify them.


You’ve reached the end andits time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Go forth seek out a company where you can buy service dog vest for your trusty pet.

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