Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing

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Having something go wrong with your plumbing is no small thing. Plumbing issues can cause major damage and be a serious expense to get fixed. It is important to take steps to maintain and preserve your plumbing to help avoid any major problems from arising. Taking just a few basic actions can help maintain your plumbing system and keep everything in working order. Should you ever have a plumbing emergency remember to always call in professional Colma plumbers to take care of the problem correctly. The following are just a few measures you can take to help maintain your plumbing system.

Have Your Pipes Cleaned

If you find that water is slow to drain or you are getting frequent blockages it might be time to call in a professional to clean your pipes. Food waste, grease, hair, and other debris can slowly build up in your pipes, narrowing the opening for water to flow. This build-up can lead to constant blockages if not cleared out correctly. There are varying methods for cleaning pipes and your plumber will be able to assess the best method for your home’s pipes. Periodically having your pipes cleaned of sludge will keep the water flowing freely and maintain the quality of your plumbing.

Drain Your Water Heater

Many do not know that their water heater should be drained. Over time debris can build up in the base of your water heater, this sediment can lower the amount of hot water available to your home as well as cause serious damage by corroding parts of your water heater. It is recommended to drain your water heater and remove the sediment once a year to prevent build up and preserve your water heater.

Be Aware of What Goes Down Your Drain

This is a huge factor in preserving the quality of your plumbing and avoiding problems with your pipes. Be aware of what exactly is going down your drains, this means only flushing toilet paper down your toilets and throwing hair in the trash instead of sending it down your shower drain. Another big factor is what you put down your garbage disposal, many people put far too much food and other waste down their disposal leading to a build of food waste and grease that can lead to blocked pipes.

Taking these simple steps can help preserve your pipes and extend the life-span of your plumbing system.  If you ever have concerns about your plumbing system do not hesitate to call in a professional Colma plumber to take a look.

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