Why We Should Consider Plant Medicine Seriously


If you closely look at the cannabis buds, you will find that they are covered within sticky crystal resin, which is full of therapeutic compounds called as terpenoids and cannabinoids.

Most of us are well acquainted with CBD and THC, which are 2 most important players who are working together in order to produce a special effect.

This kind of interactive synergy between the cannabis compounds has the entourage effect, then after having known about this effect, you will understand why medicines that contains only CBD or THC are not always enough for many of the medical conditions.

Medicine with CBD and THC only

Those medicine which are THC-only medicines will primarily be concerning with synthetic renderings of the THC, the 2 most popular are the following:

  • Marinol (dronabinol)
  • Cesamet (nabilone)

Both of these medicines are legally approved medicine which is primarily prescribed for the treatment of cancer-related nausea however their effectiveness is questionable.

Survey done on 2011 about the forms of consumption where only 1.8% out of 953 patients favor synthetic THC medicines over infused or inhaled methods.

Furthermore, to provide relief, it may take hours for THC-only pill, whereas inhaled methods may take effect almost immediately.

In recent years, CBD-only medicines are gaining more popularity after the media frenzy created around Charlotte’s Web, which is non-intoxicating cannabis strain and was processed into CBD-rich oil meant for certain epileptic child.

Miraculous remedy prompted number of states to adopt laws for CBD-only under which THC-rich type of medicines still remain illegal.

While for many individuals, cannabis medicines with CBD-only have proven very effective and life-changing, hence these laws exist for helping those suffering from the seizures.

That does not mean that synthetic, CBD-only hemp-based medicines are not effective choices for many patients, particularly as laws limit getting access to alternatives.

All these kinds of products really have served monumental role as medicine as well as legislative stepping stone. However, what more can any patient get from such whole plant medicine?

How whole plant medicine can be different?  

The full range of therapeutic compound cannabis has to provide the “Whole plant medicine” that is term used for describing medicines utilizing.

If you study in little detail about the plant-based medicines then you will be able to see, each of all these therapeutic agents which are handled out of the either THC or CBD only medicines, have got so much there to offer to the patients, treating wide breadth of conditions and symptoms.

You must be already familiar with most of the popular variety of “whole plant medicine,” that is inhaling cannabis vapor or smoke.

Although nowadays most of the cannabis is particularly bred to contain disproportionately very large THC amount as compared to any other compounds, the very importance of the chemical diversity is realized as any new strains emerge.

Expectantly, we will soon begin to see strains which not only will narrow the necessary gap between CBD and THC profiles, but will emphasize few other important terpenes and cannabinoids as well.

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