4 Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training


As the #Metoo movement continues to spread across social media platforms, the message within sexual harassment training should be a priority for all employees, new and old. Higher ups can’t assume that people know what is politically correct or work place friendly. Training is one of the most important ways in preventing harassment and other inappropriate conduct. All employees are responsible for contributing to a safe, respectful workplace, so online sexual harassment training in New York is more important than ever. It will help with discrimination and harassment, as well as create a more encouraging, accepting working environment. Here are 4 reasons that sexual harassment training is imperative.

Workplace Culture

Training can support and strengthen a company’s culture by reaching out to all employees and teaching about the core values and policies within the organization. It is the perfect space to motivate people to work in a way that is ethical and according to the company’s creative and production standards.

Increases Awareness

The ability to recognize different types of misconduct in the work place is an important step in motivating employees to respond to situations ethically. Training is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness of unacceptable behaviors, obvious and subtle, and remove any uncertainties of what is and isn’t appropriate. Training should include realistic work place examples and clarify any possible gray areas. It should also demonstrate how to respond to negative conduct.

Strong Message

By requiring all employees to participate in training on a regular basis, companies send the message from the top of the organization that preventing harassment is imperative and it also assists in creating a safe atmosphere. Employees will work harder when they feel valued and respected, so knowing that the message of acceptance is important to bosses, will increase productivity.

Encourages Reporting

Many incidents of harassment and discrimination go unreported, which can result in a toxic working environment. This can lead to lower levels of productivity and morale within a company. It can hurt recruiting and even relationships with customers. Training can be an effective tool that educates and encourages people to report incidents of harassment. Companies can use training as a way to explain their processes of filing a formal complaint and raise awareness of who to go to with these types of issues.

In today’s times, it is important that everyone learn and be up to date on what is hurtful or offensive to others. Online sexual harassment training in New York, is a great way to teach employees how to report inappropriate behavior and how to support co-workers and colleagues who may encounter it.

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