A Guide to Know About the Better Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags


The plastic bags are not eco-friendly but the ease offered by these bags like they are lightweight, can hold a large number of items, durable and take less space in the bins prompts users to buy these bags. However, the truth is that these bags are harmful to the environment.

There are various eco-friendly alternatives which are better than the plastic bags. Using custom recycled bag protects your environment and wildlife. Even using the reusable water bottles and eco promo items like USB drives, umbrellas, notebooks, pens, etc. promote an eco-friendly environment.

Various Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Storage

Paper Grocery Bags

The plastic bags are not considered a better choice for the environment. As these bags are made from non-renewable source of energy the bags are not biodegradable. It takes around 400 years for one plastic bag to biodegrade. Even it creates dangerous circumstances for wildlife. If these bags are swallowed by them it can result in choking and death. So always opt for a paper bag whenever you go shopping.

Mason Jars (a wide-mouthed glass jar)

These jars have been used for storing food since a long time and it was mostly used by our grandparents. These jars can be recycled, washed and reused. The glass does not contain any kind of chemical so the food remains safe.

Reusable Cloth Shopping Bag

These bags are made from the fabric which is durable. When you go shopping instead of buying a plastic bag go for these reusable cloth shopping bags. These can be cleaned by washing when they get dirty.

Canvas Shopping Bags

These bags also serve the purpose to carry your stuff when you go for the grocery shopping. Avoid the use of plastic bags.  Use these bags to support your environment.

Denim Shopping Bags

You can make your denim shopping bags at home as it involves fun and also promotes recycling. This bag can be used for your shopping as a creative fashion icon.

Mesh Shopping Bags and Mesh Produce Bags

These bags are good when you go for grocery shopping. Mesh sling shoulder bag is flexible, spacious and lightweight. When you go for the shopping of fresh products like fruits and vegetable use mesh produce bags.

Metal Containers

These containers serve the purpose of storing food. These are available in different sizes and are lightweight. You can store food in them in the freezer also instead of storing in plastic containers.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is used for the wrapping of food items like sandwiches.  The food items can be wrapped nicely with the help of this paper. It can be recycled and it keeps the food fresh.

Cardboard Boxes

These card boxes are suitable for carrying your grocery items. They come in different sizes. You can carry various items in these boxes. These are durable and can be recycled.


The above mentioned are better alternatives which can be used for the storage rather than using the plastic bags. These reusable storage items provide environmental benefits and promote an eco-friendly environment.

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