Ways to Take Care of Your Oversized King Bed


An oversized king bed is perfect for people who like the extra room to spread out. It’s especially ideal for couples and restless sleepers. If you have one, you know how great it feels to go to sleep not worrying about accidentally being elbowed by the person next to you.

They’re typically expensive. However, while costly, they’re well worth the investment when you think in terms of relaxation and convenience.Here are some ways you can protect your investment and keep it in great shape for years to come.

Reinforce Your Bed Frame

Ideally, an oversized kingbed should have a heavy-duty frame that can accommodate the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it. It should have a center support to preventit from sagging.

If your frame doesn’t have a center support, you can opt to purchase a slat system. You can also make one yourself using hardwood if you’re handy with a hammer.

Get a Box Spring

A boxspring is a sturdy base containing spring coils that absorb shock. It’sdesigned to support the weight of the mattress as well as the sleeper. An extra benefit is it can raise the height and make it easier for you to get in and out.

Opt for Quality Oversized King Bedding Sets

Quality bedding does more than just provide comfort. It protects your mattress and pillows from dust, dirt, and other allergens. Some oversized king bedding sets even include water-resistant covers to prevent stains caused by accidental spills. If you really want to go all out, you can also encase your duvet in a cotton or poly-cotton cover to protect it from dead skin cells and sweat during use.

Clean Your Bedding Regularly

If you don’t clean your bedding, it can become the perfect breeding ground for fungi and harmful bacteria. It can attract and harbor dust mites which can migrate to your mattress.

To prevent this, make a point of cleaning it regularly. Pillows must be washed at least twice a year. If you’re cleaning them yourself, set your washer to the sanitize cycle to get rid of germs and bacteria.

When cleaning your mattress, it’s recommended that you use a vacuum with a hose attachment for removing dust from the surface. You can also spot-clean stains using a mild soap and water solution.

Duvets and comforters should be cleaned every three months, while blankets, sheets, and duvet covers should be washed every two weeks. If you have a clothesline, you can dry sheets under the sun. Otherwise, you can use a dryer set at its lowest temperature, as excessive heat can shrink your sheets.

Make the most out of your investment by taking care of your mattress and oversized king bedding sets.By keeping your bed in great condition, you can look forward to years of comfort and countless hours of restful sleep.

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