Choosing the Right Time of the Year to Move to a New Apartment

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Apartment hunting is a frustrating job. You really need to put in some time and effort to find an apartment that best meets your needs and preferences. One of the questions that many of us think about is the right time to shift to an apartment. There are a lot of factors that come into play here and the answer can vary from person to person.

Summer Months Give You More Apartment Choices

Many of us might not know that seasons do have a major impact on moving. The real estate market has its peak and low season and grabbing the right opportunity can help you get good deals on apartments. If you are shifting to Phoenix, Arizona, you might need to update your knowledge about the Phoenix real estate market.

Summers, preferably May to September is the months wherein people are on the move frequently. Students leave home for colleges or universities. Kids are on a summer break making it easier for the family to shift. During these months, you will find new properties emerging, giving you plenty of options to choose from on apartment leases in Phoenix.

Secondly, many of the leases might come to an end, making it easier for new buyers to check out the properties. The downside of this would be that the rents might shoot up and you might need to make a quick decision so that you do not lose out to other customers.

If you have a specific apartment in mind, you can look into Heers Management communities. They have a plethora of successful projects ranging from apartment homes to terrace apartments. You can check out their website and browse through their pages. All their projects are located near schools, shopping centers and major venue for the convenience of their clients.

Save Money on Apartments Rentals during winters

If you are on a budget constraint, then winter would be the best choice to make a move, preferably between the months of October to April. This is the off season for the real estate market. The reason for the down trend in the real estate market is:

  • Many people generally prefer to stay at home and are not open to moving out.
  • Schools are in full swing
  • With the holiday season being just around the corner, people are busy preparing for the festivities
  • They are also on a budget constraint due to shopping, leaving them no time or money for apartment hunting

Ensure that you do your homework and not get swayed by offers and deals. Now, before you jump the gun, you might need to think it over. Some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself would be:

  • Is your move going to impact your existing lease?
  • How are you going to handle the additional expenses if you break the lease?
  • Is your new lease flexible?

Take your time evaluating the pros and cons of the apartment. Ensure to ask the right questions. If you search seriously, you might end up with some good deals on your apartment.


Keep checking online for new property listings preferably in the mornings. Make the most of the opportunity and you are sure to strike gold.

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