Why You Should Consider Swimming Pool Removal


You may be thinking about purchasing a house with a pool and are wondering if it’s a smart investment. Perhaps you already have a pool but aren’t too sure if keeping it is worth the money and upkeep. While fun and enjoyable in theory, there are often many hidden downsides that can lead to pool ownership as being more of a headache than a place where you can relax.

To some, an inground pool is an ultimate luxury. But if your pool requires extensive maintenance, needs substantial repairs, or is taking up space that you’d instead use for something else, then having a pool becomes a pain. There are many benefits to owning a pool, and many owners will attest to that. But the drawbacks are just as many. Carefully consider the cons of pool ownership and investigate whether it could make financial sense to hire Scottsdale demolition services for swimming pool removal.

Pros of Having a Pool

There’s no arguing that having a pool means fun in the sun. That is, when it’s in good condition. Swimming with friends and family is a perfect way to spend the warmest months of the year. On the financial side of it, keeping a pool makes sense in some situations. When all the circumstances align when it’s time to sell, a pool can increase your home value by an average of 7%.

Living in a high-end neighborhood (especially in a warm climate like Arizona) where many neighbors have pools and having a home big enough to accommodate a pool make perfect sense to keep one. If you maintain it well, the style fits the neighborhood, and the pool isn’t old our outdated, you can attract the right buyer. These scenarios can prove beneficial to keeping a pool.

Cons of Having a Pool

The most notable drawback of owning a pool is the expense of heating and water costs – somewhere between an extra $100 to $600 a month. Pool heaters require propane, electricity, or natural gas. For every increase of one degree, energy consumption increases 10% to 30%. You’ll also have to endure increased insurance coverage. Insurance companies often cite pools as an “attractive nuisance,” and you’ll have to take safety precautions like installing fencing or a pool cover. But liability coverage could increase your monthly bill $50 to $100.

Don’t forget the hassle of pool maintenance and updates that’ll make you want a pool fill in Scottsdale, AZ. You’ll have to keep it up to regulations with code-compliant operational equipment, which can also become costly. Another thing to consider is water evaporation. You’ll lose about two to four inches of water a week due to evaporation. That’s roughly 25,000 to 50,000 gallons per year for an average-sized pool. It could be worse in hotter areas. Not only will you have to refill regularly, but evaporation can alter your pool water’s temperatures.

Hiring Scottsdale demolition services to remove a pool can save you time, money, yard space, and upkeep hassle. You can also eliminate safety hazards for small children, and it may even help you sell faster.

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