Why External HR is the Best Option for Management Positions


Top-tier talent is difficult to find at all levels of a company, but especially when the need is in management or executive management. Most companies look internally, first, but that often ends up being a dead end; once those options are exhausted, internal human resources recruiters look externally, but that is problematic in and of itself. Often, the best option is to work with an external human resources headhunter; here is why.

Time Savings

It takes a lot of time to define a positional need, advertise for it, review resumes, interview candidates of interest, set up meetings with internal hiring authorities, call candidates back, narrow down the field and make an offer. When a candidate turns down an offer, all that work isn’t completely wasted, but a lot of effort was invested in a process that won’t yield optimal results (hiring the “next guy up” is settling after all.) Your human resources personnel have better things to do, especially when the positions open are more selective, upper echelon opportunities.

For external human resources recruiters, finding ideal fits for challenging positions is their job description. They are paid to complete the often-arduous task of vetting, interviewing, narrowing candidates down and setting up later stage interviews with prospects. They do the “grunt work,” while you and your team end up looking at candidates that already are a reasonably good fit.

Better Candidate Options

Anyone can line up active job seekers. Someone looking for a job makes it easy by applying for positions that interest them and actively looking for opportunities. Where companies often miss out is with passive job seekers, even individuals who may not be actively looking for a position but would be an excellent fit. An external recruiting firm has contacts with those types of people. A human resources headhunter maintains contact with previously placed recruits or other potential candidates that might not be on the open job market.

That gives the client-company more options and often better options than the scatter-shot, see what is out there approach companies that recruit on their own face.

A “Dialed-In” Strategic Partner

An internal human resources team has the incentive to succeed, but often lack the resources to get the type of candidates needed to succeed. External recruiters have both the incentive and the means to identify prospects that will meet and exceed your needs. Because they will be more actively engaged in the job market, they often will have a better handle on what to expect for specific job needs.

Internal human resources recruiters and hiring agents are valuable team members for more generic positions or positions where an internal hire is the most practical strategy. External human resources headhunters and recruiters offer greater market access, expanded knowledge of the job market and the ability to identify recruits based on their contacts versus leaving everything to chance.

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