Transitioning Your Baby From a Traditional Swaddle


Parents, are you tired of fighting with that oversized swaddle blanket? Have you had enough of trying over and over to fold the swaddle just right so that your little angel doesn’t escape and stays happily snuggled in the blanket? Or is your baby simply over the swaddling life? If so, maybe it’s time to try something new. It’s time to try something known as a miracle swaddler. The Magic Sleepsuit is just what any parent needs to help their 3-9-month-olds sleep better throughout the night, and by proxy let you sleep better too. But what is so great about this sleepsuit?

 Easy Transition

This sleepsuit makes transitioning from small, tight bed spaces such as a bassinet to a spacious crib a breeze. This is also a great product to help transition babies out of a tight hold of a swaddle, but who still need the cozy, enclosed feeling that a swaddle provides to aid in their sleep.

 In and Out

Getting your baby in and out of the sleepsuit is easy with a double zipper feature included on all of the products. Simply unzip both of the zippers and your little one is free for a quick outfit or diaper change. At the top of each zipper is a protective layer of fabric that prevents your baby from accidentally pulling the zipper down themselves while sleeping and escaping the comfort of the suit.


While a swaddle holds your baby’s hands down and gives them very little freedom to move, the sleepsuit provides freedom to move while still being tight enough to feel like they are being swaddled. Your baby’s hands and feet are free to move as they sleep, giving them more independence and preparing them for sleeping without any tight hold.


For your little one’s safety, there is a scooped neckline. This keeps the fabric away from your baby’s face throughout the night so you can rest easy knowing your baby won’t be in any danger. While the sleepsuit keeps your baby at a warm temperature as they sleep, the open hands and feet are designed to keep them from getting too hot in the suit; it’s not all about the freedom.

The sleepsuit really is a miracle swaddler that helps your baby sleep like a champ while in a transitional period. You can customize your sleepsuit with a large range of colors and have it in fleece or cotton. Your little angel can sleep like a champ in style.

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