4 Types of Machines That Can Benefit from Phase Converters


A phase converter is a device that converts single-phase electricity into three-phase power and vice versa. There are many types of phase converters, each having certain features that are ideal for specific applications. For example, a 15 HP rotary phase converter would have a different use than a 20 HP rotary phase converter based on an application’s horsepower requirements and other factors.

A phase converter can help improve the efficiency of almost any machine. Below are some examples of machines that can perform better and more efficiently with a phase converter.

Agricultural Machines

In the agricultural industry, machinery plays a significant role in the success of many businesses. The reason for this is that machines are required to prepare products in masses.

Farming and agriculture are industries that demand a huge amount of energy. However, many agricultural sites are located in areas that have limited power supply, which can reduce the efficiency of the equipment.

By using a phase converter, you can guarantee that your machines will continue running efficiently even with a limited power supply. Phase converters can also eliminate the need to resort to diesel pumps, which can lead to better energy efficiency and smarter use of natural resources.

Woodworking and Metalworking Machinery

Metal and woodworking equipment require a strong and stable energy output that can keep the machines performing at high levels of productivity and efficiency. A phase converter can help support large amounts of energy required for the machines in these industries. It can also provide businesses with a low-cost solution to energy consumption.

Food Service Equipment

Food service machines such as ice cream machines and cake mixers can perform better and more efficiently with the use of a phase converter. The reason for this is because a phase converter can provide sufficient power output for these types of equipment to run at their peak.

While food service machines may not seem as heavy-duty as industrial equipment, they have to constantly perform at optimal levels since they’re used frequently, day in and day out. Using a phase converter for this application would prevent malfunctions and keep these machines stable even when they’re making the hundredth order of the day.

CNC Machines

Computer numerical control or CNC equipment are machines, such as drills and 3D printers, that are controlled by a computer through the use of software. So this means that power is needed by both the CNC machine and the computer. Most computers are powered by a single phase power source, which could be insufficient in running CNC machines. A phase converter can boost your power source, so it can provide enough energy for both the computer and the CNC machine.

The discussion above displays the importance of using phase converters in various applications. If you feel that your business can benefit from a phase converter, consult with a manufacturer or an expert to give you advice on the best converter for your application, whether it’s a 15 HP rotary phase converter or a 20 HP rotary phase converter.

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