Get to Know Traditional and Regional Japanese Sweets


In Japanese candy subscription boxes, you will find a lot of unique and crazy flavors, which are not used in other countries.

  • Matcha
  • Ramune
  • Octopus
  • Red beans
  • Choco mint
  • Sakura
  • Curry
  • Lemon and more

Some of the Japanese snacks are inspired from other countries. It includes –

  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate
  • Gummies
  • Potato chips and more

Many treats don’t have any connection with Western stuff like their own customary snack called ‘Wagashi’. Let’s get to know about the traditional and regional version of wagashi.

Momiji Manju – Hiroshima

Momiji in Japan means ‘Autumn Leaf’. Hiroshima is popular for its maple trees, so these Manju got shaped like leaves. Momiji Manju is castella cake including popular wagashi fillings of sweet paste of red beans.

Shingen Momo – Yamanashi

Yamanashi region is surrounded by the popular Mount Fuji and is close to Tokyo. This area is popular for its peaches. Shingen Momo is a sweet that includes a filling of peach jelly and white bean paste.

Ichigo Daifuku – Osaka

Ichigo Daifuku is also popular as Strawberry Daifuku. This fruity Japanese treat originated from Osaka region. Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are also the well-known savory snacks of this area. Sweet red bean paste, mocha and strawberry is used to make Ichigo Daifuku. It is a perfect snack for summer and spring.

Tokyo banana – Tokyo

Bananas are actually, soft cake with custard cream filling. Japanese people on their visit to Tokyo carry them as gifts for family, friends and colleagues. You will find interesting designs like flower or animal prints on Tokyo Bananas.

Mizu Manju – Gifu

Mizu Manju looks like colorful water droplets. Starch is extracted from special Japanese roots. People enjoy these big water droplet treats in summer. Several fruity flavors, matcha and red beans can be enjoyed.

Ki Ni Naru Ringo Pie – Aomori

Aomori is popular for its delicious apples. So the apple pie prepared is different. Flaky pie crust surrounds a whole apple that is sweetened with syrup. It has to be served warm.

Sakuranbo Kirara – Yamagata

Yamagata region is proud about their cherries. 70% cherries sold in Japan market come from Yamagata. Obviously, treats using cherries can be found all around in this area. Sakuranbo Kirara is made from jelly holding a whole cherry. Great summer treat!

Meika Hiyoko – Fukuoka

Meika Hiyoko treat was introduced in 1912. Shigeru Ishizaka had a deep passion for sweets, so he desired to make a treat that symbolizes the local culture and their warmth. Adorable chick snacks filled with fresh eggs and pea beans got created and are a popular Japanese treat from the south.

Wari Gori – Ishikawa

Wari Gori sweets look like rock candy but are softer. Agar is dried for six days, which causes beautiful clear colors. The sweet with subtle flavor is refreshing. It is silky inside and crunchy on the exterior. They are handmade and cut into pieces.

Chinsuko – Okinawa

Chinsuko cookies are sold on the Okinawa Island located on the south of Japan. The cookies are made from sugar and flour lard, just like shortbread cookies. You get plethora of flavors like coconut, mango, vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, sweet potato and more.

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