Different Ways of Controlling Spiders in Your Home

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Spiders are disliked by everyone. You never want to see a spider roaming around your home. Some of the spiders may be harmless but they are not desired at all at any place of your house. Spiders you can find mostly on the wall and also lurking around unclean places. They increase in numbers by the end of the summer.

There are various tips that you can use in keeping spiders away from your home.

Maintaining proper cleanliness at house

There should not be so much clutter in your house as it works as a hiding place for spiders.  The floors should be cleaned regularly and use vacuum cleaners to eliminate spiders and their webs. You must have witnessed many times that a room that is unclean and closed since a long time is occupied with a large number of spider webs.

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Cracks Need to Be Sealed

All the holes and the gapes in the windows and doors should be patched up. This will prevent these pests from coming inside your house. These are mostly found in the moist areas in the bathrooms, kitchens, etc. In extreme weather conditions, spiders are found indoors.

Removing the Plants Near Your Residence

The spiders love to hide in greenery and under rocks. As the cold weather approaches spiders start moving inside your home. If plants are removed then it becomes difficult for them to go inside your house.

Use A Residual Pesticide

Apply spray to the corners and the cracks of your house which are the hiding places for the spiders. This should be done on a regular basis to eliminate the spiders.

Put Off the Outdoor Lights

The lights in the porch area should be put off most of the times. The outdoor lights help in attracting insects which are spiders prey.

Spreading Dichotomous earth Around Your home

It can be distributed around the cracks and the corners of your house. This powder cuts a spider as it walks over it and ultimately the spiders die.

Using Natural Oils or Driving Them Away with Nuts

Spiders do not like the smell of tea tree, eucalyptus and citrus oil. You can fill up a spray bottle with water and can mix in it the oil and spray it all around the cracks and the corners near your house. Spiders do not like chestnut and walnut fruits. You can put a few chestnuts in each and every corner of your house to get rid of them.

Keeping the Doors and the Windows closed

The doors and the windows which are broken help the spiders to crawl inside your house through them. These should be kept closed all the time.


The above-mentioned strategies work well in controlling the spread of the spiders in your house. These should be followed on a continuous basis to get rid of the spiders. But if the results are not satisfying you can always take help of pest control company to remove spiders from your home.

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