How CBD Oil Is Natural And Unique Pain Solution In Sports?


Anandamide gets elevated after workouts causing a euphoria feel of bliss and contentment. This magical sensation is earned in a hard way. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter similar to THC compound. It is the ‘high’ chemical, which human body produces naturally. It establishes the feel of relaxation, pain relief and well-being. CBD oil directly escalates the anandamide level available in your body. Thus, benefits are increased and adverse effects are reduced, while enjoying a good workout routine every day.

Athletes can gain several other benefits from CBD

  • It inhibits inflammation and pain by affecting glycine receptors, adenosine receptors and the TRPV1 receptors.
  • CBD has anti-emetic properties, so helps to alleviate the feel of sickness and nausea, during high intense physical training.
  • Indirectly appetite gets stimulated, thus power lifters and MMA fighters can eat extra calories to build the necessary muscles.
  • Is able to hinder the chemicals flow, during concussion leading to death of brain cell. So acts as neuro-protectant.
  • Muscle spasms caused due to dehydration, trauma, strained muscles, and nerve damage makes you feel uncomfortable but can be treated effectively with CBD.

The greatest possible benefits for fitness conscious or athletes is the ability of CBD oil to reduce post workout discomfort and pain. SeraLabs Health is an online store that offers high quality CBD oil. Give it a visit!

Fortunately, the International Olympic Committee has removed the ban on CBD substance. However, there are still many professional sports association, which are not open-minded and still disapprove.

CBD is different from cannabis

Hemp and marijuana contain more than 100 cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] and cannabidiol [CBD]. Marijuana has high THC level, whereas hemp is loaded with CBD content. THC produces high, intoxicating effect people smoking marijuana experience. Alternatively, CBD does not intoxicate you.

The CBD that gets extracted from hemp plant means there is low THC levels. In addition, the manufacturers make sure that CBD gets isolated, so that their customers can enjoy the healing benefits.

The fact that CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plant puts it in a legal swamp, in spite of the fact that it does not affect your physical or mental capacities. So, on federal level, cannabidiol products still remain as Schedule 1 substance but on State level they differ. Many states have legalized the use of marijuana products.

Futuristic CBD role in sports

It means under federal law CBD purchase is illegal but the laws in your state take precedence. With respect to sports the WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] officially removed CBD from its banned substance list in 2018. Therefore the USADA [United States Anti-Doping Agency] will stop CBD testing. For many athletes this is great news.

Considering WADA’s influence on worldwide sport organization, the perception towards CBD use will change in coming years. In addition, athletes are now at ease to speak about their experiences using cannabinoids. Soon, this will possibly eliminate the repute associated with cannabis product use.

Sportsmen have been living with pain and aches, which are inevitable consequences of playing basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and more. Professional athletes train themselves to play through pain with a fear of losing competitive edge or sponsorship or prize money, if they took a break to recuperate. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can root side effects but CBD is virtually free from adverse effects. It helps to manage acute and chronic pain efficiently.

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