Why You Should Reconsider a Full-Size Folding Bike


For a long time, folding bikes were a novelty; they were clunky, slow, bulky, heavy, and cost an arm and a leg, which is partly why in the ’70s and ’80s, they never really caught on. Today, however, a full-size folding bike is about as different from those vintage folders as anyone can get. If you are considering getting a commuter folding bike, here are 5 reasons why it should be a no-brainer.

They Are Lighter and Sleeker

Today’s bikes aren’t nearly as heavy as the old ones. In fact, several weigh less than 25 lbs. They also fold into a smoother, more compact form for storage. There’s even a locking mechanism that guarantees your full-size folding bike will be as strong as a regular-framed bike.

They Are Less Expensive

Folding bikes used to cost quite a bit. You were not purchasing one if you were a mid-level manager or below. For the majority of people, full-size folding bikes were a novelty. More streamlined production processes and more precise tooling have helped reduce the price of a folding bike to something that is at least affordable.

They are Public Transportation Friendly

If you have ever tried to take a full-sized bike on a bus or convince a cab driver to stow your bike on the way home, you know what a hassle it is. Folding bikes do not have those problems. They are so compact the bike can be stored under most bus seats or held on someone’s lap. By comparison, a folding bike is about the size of a fairly large suitcase.

Storage is Easy

A regular sized bike can be stored in three different ways. The first is in a home, garage or apartment, which takes up quite a bit of room. The second is out in the elements, which shortens its lifespan. The third way is in an out of the way and usually not very accessible part of your home or office. A folding bike, though, can fit just about anywhere. It folds to a size slightly bigger than a single tire.

They are Practical

Whether you use it to commute to the office, get exercise during a trip or just ride it because it’s a fun experience, folding bikes should be your first choice. They are simple to maintain, easy to breakdown and carry, convenient and durable.

Utilizing a folding bike is a different type of experience, but one that is extremely convenient if you live in or around a city. Check out the many reasons why a full-size folding bike should be your next ride.

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