Tips on Storing Your Car Long-Term


Whether it’s a valuable classic or a sentimental treasure, here are some tips for how you can take good care of your car and store it long-term.


The first thing you will need to consider is where you want to store the car. Ideally it will be a place that is climate controlled and low humidity. You should have a way to check on the vehicle periodically or have a friend or relative visit it every once in a while.

If you plan to use the car in a season or two, you will want to find a storage facility that is closer to your home. If you do not plan to drive the car for an extended period of time, you can find a location that is farther from your residence, and use qualified auto transport companies to ship the vehicle to its destination.

Car Internal Preparation

Prepping the inter workings of the car is a must for storage. Keeping gas in the tank helps prevent rusting. You will want to be sure and add a stabilizer to the gas in a ratio of about 1 oz to every 3-5 gallons.

Other tips are to change the oil and filter before storing, and make sure the interior of the car is clean. Vehicle batteries can corrode and lose their charge over time. You should at the least disconnect the battery, and at the most consider removing the battery completely and installing a new one when you plan to use the car again. You should not set the parking brake when you store the car.

Car External Preparation

Along with the internal there are some external preparations you should take to help prepare the car for storage. One is to lift the car up on jacks, this helps alleviate pressure on the tires. You should plug the exhaust pipe with a cloth to prevent debris and animals from getting inside. For long-term storage the windshield wiper blades will most likely be in a poor state when it comes time to use the car again due to the breakdown of the rubber. So remove the blades, and wrap a soft towel or cloth around the arms instead.

Before the car goes into storage you should wash and wax the exterior to remove any chemicals or dust that could cause corrosion. Having the car transported by auto transport companies will prevent any debris or bugs hitting the vehicle and will keep it clean as it goes into containment. Final tips are to use a car cover to add an extra layer of protection, and work with your insurance company to have storage insurance applied to the car.

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