All You Need To Know About Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery is the process of losing weight by containing the intake of food by an individual. It leads to nutrient’s malabsorption or by combining malabsorption and gastric restriction. These lead to harmonic changes within an individual. There are numerous types of surgery which fall under bariatric surgery. All have their own pros and cons attached to them.

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Gastric Bypass

This is often considered as the golden standard of losing weight by means of a surgery. The procedure follows by creating a volume of approximately one ounce by the division of the top stomach from the rest of the part of the stomach.

This follows the division of the small intestine into two parts. The procedure ends by the connection of the small intestine divided part to the bypassed stomach so that the food flows directly from the stomach and there is a complete mixture of the enzymes with the food.

This is the most significant weight loss technique which can be implemented by an individual and is also the most effective. But the major disadvantage of this technique is that it is a very complex operation and the complication rate is potentially higher in the process.

Sleeve gastrectomy

This surgery takes place by the removal of almost 80% of a person’s stomach. The rest of the stomach that is left behind, looks like a pouch which can be taken for the shape of a banana.

The procedure works by the shifting of weight from the entire stomach to the new pouch which holds a significantly less amount of weight as compared to the original stomach. This helps in reduction of weight. The hormones of the gut facilitate the process by controlling the sugar levels of the individual and hunger.

This procedure is effective as it restrains the amount of food which can be held by the stomach. It does not require any bypass. The major disadvantage includes the fact that the process once completed, can not be reversed, even if desired.

Adjustable gastric band

The band surgery involves the introduction of a band inside the upper part of stomach, which creates a small pouch over the band. The rest of the stomach is placed below the band. This works as the smaller pouch gets filled with just a little amount of food and hence, the person does not feel hungry anymore.


Hence, you can opt for any of these surgeries mentioned above if you too wish to cut off some weight. You must make sure that you read about these surgeries in detail and then opt for the one which you would like to have. You must have knowledge of various advantages and disadvantages attached to each of them and then make your choice.

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