List of Top Ceiling Fans to Beat Heat This Summer


A lot of people look for a high ceiling fan for home/outdoor patio. With several different types of ceiling fans available in the market, it can make it difficult to find one for your needs.

To make it easy for you to decide the right one, we have formed a list of some of the best performing high ceiling fans for commercial and/or residential use. This list is based after taking into consideration various elements such as size, efficiency, and style.

How does ceiling fans air conditions your room?

Ceiling fans are one of the kinds of circulating fans that functions from the ceiling. You will find these machines installed on the ceiling of your room to circulate fresh air. It performs the role in air conditioning.

Chandelier fan produces the impact of the “wind chill” that makes your home and office space cozy and comfortable. Fans don’t have any air-cooling function of their own, but they offer continuous flow of cool and fresh air.

What is CFM rating?

CFM stands for cubic feet/minute. The CFM rating on a ceiling fan shows how much amount of air does a fan move when it is working at the highest speed. Outdoor areas and larger rooms are the most appropriate with a fan that has a high CFM rating.

Top Modern Ceiling Fans

Below is the list of ceiling fans that have performed brilliantly and have been most appreciated by the audience.

Torsion Ceiling Fan

The torsion ceiling fan is known for modern style that brings immense cooling to any room. It is a seasoned and iconic fan that is impressive and timeless in design. These fans easily complement any color or theme of your existing modern décor.

It seamlessly blends with the selection of elegant styles of blades and superior finishes. Its distinctive aesthetic features provide powerful flow of air while remaining quiet for complete serenity.

Spitfire Ceiling Fan

This fan comes with a remarkable design and tops the list because of its stellar performance. It is best suited for contemporary residential homes that feature 3 sleek wooden blades. A ceiling fan gives a dash of rustic charm to contemporary spaces. Its customizable look is completely customizable that enables you to make the look that you wish by mixing and matching its parts.

Irene three blade Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has a contemporary industrial design, that do not look very stylish, or very quiet. This fan is inspired from the golden aviation age. It has got a solid walnut-tainted wooden blade that connect neatly together, thus forming a propeller kind of shape.

Ball Ceiling Fan

The ball ceiling fan embodies modern design. It features an underrated retro charm that looks beautifully elegant and sleek. It has become a choice for homeowners and design-savvy professionals for both function and style.


Ceiling fan is an essential need of a house. Hope the above list of ceiling fans would prove to be helpful in selecting the best one for your needs. Or even better, consider a Chandelier fan

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