Common Mistakes in Aquarium and Fish Keeping


There are few things like proper tank selection, filtration output, type of filtration, substrate, lighting and making the right choice and avoiding few most common mistakes right from the start can get your aquarium to run successfully.

Following tips can help you to navigate few initial questions that you should ask.

Tank/aquarium selection

Many people prefer to choose much smaller tank with the idea that it will be easier to handle and maintain. However, it is far from truth. Smaller the size of the tank more will be difficult to maintain your aquarium.

Try to choose an aquarium which is more closed replica of natural ecosystem.

It will be very difficult to have a stable environment in smaller tank as a result fishes will be under stress which will affect their health.

Aquarium equipment

Make sure you have adequate filtration and choose filter from Fluval which must be able to filter the entire tank minimum 2-3 times in an hour. Even more will be better. You cannot over-filter.

Choose lighting according to set-up. Planted tanks will have different lighting needs. Replace light bulbs minimum every 6 to 12 months.

Aging light bulbs or insufficient light may result into decaying plants.

Aquarium substrate

Gravel must be chosen with specific setup in your mind. Plants need substrate which is iron rich e.g. vermiculite for storing minerals, marine set up aragonite and sand for enhancing the pH level.

Unsuitable gravel may influence vital water parameters which causes fluctuations and end up in unhealthy environments.

Aquarium cycle

The common mistake that happens during the cycle will be use of supplements of ammonia neutralizing. To build colonies Ammonia will be needed for bacteria.

Commercially beneficial bacteria are available in pulverized and liquid form. The cycle time frame can reduce by adding these supplements. Particularly after nitrates are measurement may create water pollution.

Choosing fish

Fish must be chosen as per the environment where they can be placed in. Slight variations in the pH can be tolerated by most fish. Water must not be treated for suiting any specific fish, and select that are perfectly suited for water and environment created.

Basic thumb rule is stock the aquarium with 1” of fish for every 12 square inches water surface.

Aquarium maintenance

The vital parameters of water e.g. pH, ammonia, hardness and nitrate should be tested prior to every water change. Before the problem becomes visible all these values will indicate it.

There can be serious problem in the long -term by neglecting tank maintenance. As pure water will evaporate, water changes will be essential not just for removing substance build-up, even for replenishing the minerals which are diminished.

Prefer not to clean the filters, but only quick rinse. All the slimy substance is the coat for protection of the helpful bacteria.

Fish may always look hungry. Usually they always search for food for whole day long. Feed the fish only as much that they can eat just within 2 minutes. You can feed this amount at once, or at stretched out way by 2-3 feedings in a day.

One of the leading sources of accumulating waste as well as many aquarium problems is overfeeding.

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