Pros and Cons of Feather Flags


Feather flags are an extremely popular way to advertise. You can put them on the side of the road near your business, where drivers will easily see them. And, the flags might persuade them to drop in. The popularity of feather flags is no surprise considering all their benefits. But, a feather flag isn’t a perfect way to advertise. After all, nothing in the world is without flaws.


The shape of a feather flag is both a pro and a con. The feather shape is linked to advertising in the minds of many consumers. As soon as they see that unique shape, they know they’re looking at an ad. The shape that draws so much attention to them also limits their designs. The top and bottom of the flag aren’t straight and wide like the rest of the flag. This leaves space where you can’t fit text, which is probably the most important element of the flag. This can also be a benefit, though. You can fit a small, simple image into the space at the top or bottom without having to move around text to make room for it.

Wind Resistance

The bent pole that gives the top of the flag its shape also creates wind resistance. A regular flag has the freedom to move in the wind, preventing some potential damage. But, a feather flag is partially stuck in place, meaning it gets the full force of the wind. This can cause the flag to be knocked over or ripped by the wind more easily than a regular flag can be.


One of the biggest reasons feather flags are so popular is the freedom. There are stock designs you can choose from but you can also create your own design. You have the freedom to pick whatever colors, images, and text you want. Your feather flag can reflect your business and its personality in a unique way. The interesting color scheme or custom message you put on the flag will draw more attention than a stock design. The freedom to design your own flag is a huge reason why many businesses choose to use feather flags.

A feather flag does have its drawbacks. Everything has some sort of flaw or downside. But, the positives outweigh the negatives and keep feather flags popular in the advertising world. The attention they draw with their unique shape and custom designs is worth the disadvantages.

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