Pneumatic Tube Systems Meant for Hospitals

Pneumatic Tube

Pneumatic tube systems are considered to be highly complex systems that perform a number of different tasks. This provides easy movement of things within the hospital that combines both reliability and speed.

The advantages

  • While nurses and doctors are busy with their patients the hospital tubes system will transport various medium and small-sized items.
  • This system will not only save time, but also lots of space.
  • All laboratories will be centralized and all the decentralized storage for medicine can be reduced.
  • Also, this pneumatic tube system will help in increasing efficiency since all the staff will no longer be busy in running errands, and the wards will stay always occupied.

The application area

It is not absolutely necessary to install pneumatic tube systems during construction itself. It may be easily integrated with the already operating hospitals too. The system can always be laid inside or outside of the walls based on the structural conditions.

The transport loads

Such pneumatic tube system will transport practically everything which fits into carrier e.g.  laboratory samples, medicine, emergency samples, x-rays, stored blood units, documents etc.

Thus, it can create a direct connection among all hospital wards, e.g. blood banks, nursing wards, out-patient departments, administration or reception offices.

The laboratory stations

Since, laboratory of hospital is always a busy place hence every laboratory station is provided with minimum 3 dispatch magazines and large laboratory stations.

As laboratory samples are too delicate, certain special mechanism can guarantee gentle delivery. Also, conveyor belts can be installed for receiving numerous carriers.

The automatic station

The features of the station are especially very user-friendly, e.g. its dispatch magazine, name index, destination selection keypad and plaintext display. As the carrier arrives near the station, air cushion will slow it down for protecting fragile transport loads.

After transport load will be removed, system for automatic destination selection will return the empty carrier.

Blood bank and pharmacy stations

They too are designed by using the similar user-friendly features like the automatic station. In addition to that they can also be equipped along with multiple dispatch magazine as per their size and specific requirements.

Hospital’s specific demands

As hospital is not considered as typical work place, hence its tube system must fulfil few series of demands:

  • The carrier speed can be modified to ensure safe transporting of laboratory samples. By selecting certain receiving or dispatching station low-speed transport can be selected automatically or manually.
  • For holding different types of insert pocket or test tube holder, the carriers are adapted.
  • Arriving carriers can be braked carefully after arrival and also sent directly into tube without any jolt.
  • The system can function silently and is quite patient-friendly.
  • By using a code transport loads having restricted access are secured
  • Carrier’s thermochemical sterilization will be carried out automatically or manually.
  • System is usually hermetically sealed.
  • Statistical evaluations of traffic data are possible with computerized control system.

The blower

There are single or more 3-phase blowers will propel the carrier with the help of compression or vacuum created with the help of centrally controlled air-switch. By using self-adjusting Teflon gaskets at every system component will guarantee airtight seals.

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