Basic Information on Liposuction That Helps Understand the Cosmetic Procedure


Obesity is the cause of various health related problems. In US, the death rate due to cardiac arrest is increasing every year. This is because of excessive bad cholesterol that accumulates in the body. Our busy schedule and lazy life force us to eat unhealthy junk food. Fast food is the mode of survival for college students who are busy all day completing their assignments, and employees who work day and night to increase productivity for their company. Still there are people who take out time for gym and walk.

However, there is stubborn fat which is incurred genetically and doesn’t agree to leave your body. Such fat cells are accumulated in special area like thighs, hips, belly, chin and breast. No matter how rigorously you work out they just deny melting. For such reasons, medical science has given us liposuction as a remedy that removes fat cells from those areas restricting their growth further. Even if there are some fat cells left, they will not grow as much as earlier. Liposuction can help you come back to a proper shape, but removing fat doesn’t help in reducing weight.

VIP Plastic Surgery which is a Las Vegas Liposuction Clinic located in Henderson, Nevada, focuses on cosmetic surgery. Their physicians are well trained and the clinic contains advanced tool and techniques. They recommend different types of liposuction for different body area that requires to be treated. Because the procedure is painless and quick, people always find it easier and affordable.

Although liposuction is very famous all over the world and people think they know everything about it through search engines ad peers, but there are few basic facts that are still unknown to many –

  • Liposuction can also be called as lipoplasty, liposculpture, lipectomy, but they all meant the same thing and have same procedure.
  • Liposuction doesn’t help in reducing weight or controlling obesity. It treats body fat that could not be removed even through exercise and diet.
  • Liposuction focuses of genetic fat which means you should 30% close to your ideal weight so that fewer areas are targeted for treatment. If many areas are targeted for fat removal due to obesity, then it isn’t the ideal method for you.
  • Through liposuction, fat that was removed from one area is moved to different part of body like buttock, breast or face. It completely depends on your choice as to which part you need to enhance.
  • It is also beneficial for people suffering with eczema. This way lymph fluid collected in tissues are removed properly to treat problem.
  • Any doctor can perform liposuction surgery after getting proper training, but it is mostly executed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists.
  • With time medical science is advancing and latest technologies are being used everywhere. New technique is used in liposuction where ultrasound or laser is used to break fat cells which are then easier to remove.
  • Not surgery shows immediate results, thus don’t go by before and after photographs because they were not instant results. It takes a month for bruises and swelling to fade away and fine results are seen in months.
  • Since results aren’t quick therefore, doctors always recommend wearing comfortable clothes without elastic and compression for weeks. Even after surgery if you don’t take care of your diet, then you might gain weight at different areas but not at the surgical part.

Fat cells that are removed through liposuction are good source of stem cells. Therefore, ask your surgeon if it can be stored as a curing tool for future diseases. The procedure might sound expensive, but there are any clinics that provide payment plans or check with your insurance which clinic is covered by them and enjoy the benefits.

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