What Can You Expect While Taking Your Theory Test for Driving?


So, it is your theory test day. By now you must have got a letter from the driving test centre, along with the provisional photocard licence. You also had your breakfast and left your house much in advance before the schedule time.

Before that you must have applied on the website http://www.booktheorytesttoday.com/ for the theory test.

Now here is all that will happen when you arrive at your designated test centre.

Signing in at reception

When you reach at your designated test centre then you will be first asked to present your appointment letter for test and also provisional photocard licence. You will then be asked to be in the waiting area.

Pack away all your belongings

There will be a room nearby or lockers near the waiting area where you may leave all your bag or coat and mobile phone etc. You are not allowed to take any of these inside the test room.

In case, no lockers are available, then you must leave all your belongings with your friend/family member.

Wait till your name is called

This can often be the hardest and most nerve-wracking moment of the day. In case, you are accompanied by your family member/friend then you can chit chat to reduce your tension.

However, if you are alone then you may take deep breath or utilize this time to brush-up about all road signs or various highway codes.

Practice time

You will be assigned with a computer and 15 minutes time to get familiar with it. Utilize this time to be comfortable with the computer system as well as the touch screen that you will use for completing the test.

Begin the test with multiple choice segment

After practice time, you will get 57 minutes for answering 50 multiple-choice questions.

Few tips

  1. Try to read at least twice every question to ensure you have understood it.
  2. If you are not too sure then flag that question. You can attempt them later.
  3. You must know that computer screen will always indicate which question you are attempting and how much duration is left.
  4. Review screen will let you know how many questions already you have completed, and how many are flagged to be attempted later.

Break time

After you have completed the multiple-choice part of your exam, you will get a short break. You may sip a glass of water and be ready for the hazard-perception test.

Begin the hazard perception segment

Few video clips will be shown about hazard of approximately 1-minute duration on your computer screen. Try to watch them in driver’s perspective.

  • Few tips

You will see 15 hazards and at least one hazard in each clip. Try to click once as repeated clicking will disqualify you.

Finish the test

After you are completed each of these clips and also recorded the hazards, then you have finished your test and then you are free and wait for the results.

Receive your results

In case, you could not clear then you will be told exactly where you need further improvement for next time. You can reapply for your test again.

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