Tips to Save Money on Halloween Costumes


As Halloween approaches, everyone in the neighborhood is excited. Decorations start in their yard and until Halloween night arrives the street is overtaken by skeletons, bats, spiders, ghosts, and gravestones. Everyone is dressed in horrific but elaborate costumes, so as to frighten trick-or-treaters away and have some fun. Selecting Costumes for Halloween can be challenging and pricey for some.

Tips to save money on Halloween costumes

Be flexible

Being flexible means finding a costume that can fit your budget. If you desire to dress up like a gorilla then the cost to get furry suit will be high. On the other hand, if you dress like a lion then purchasing the costume is inexpensive. It includes a tail, mane and paint-on whiskers. If you don’t care about the costume you wear pick the less expensive one, it’s that easy!

Shop late

You can get best deals, if you wait last minute to buy costume. Buying one day prior Halloween can make you save approximately 75% on original price. Majority of them bought their costumes by end of October and the store owner wants to make space for new stock.

Shop year early

If you know the kind of costume you wish to wear the following year then buy it on the day after Halloween this year. All the costumes are highly discounted. Make sure to pick the right size for your growing children.


If you are good at sewing then you get endless opportunities to make your own costumes every year during Halloween. DIY costumes for Halloween tend to be most memorable besides saving money.

Use household things

Even if you are not skilled at needle and thread, you can look around the house and create homemade costume. For example, if there is a white medical coat in your house then pair it with googly eyed glasses of your grandmothers and become a crazy scientist.

Be creative

Find a craziest thing like a funny looking table cloth. Wrap it around like a toga. Obviously, you will grab lots of attention and questions of what you are supposed to be.

Use hand me down

Older cousins or kids’ costumes get passed down. This tip is useful only until the kids are little.

Limit options

Give your kids limited options to keep expenses down at Halloween. Your kid may desire to buy a Spiderman costume, which may cost more suggest to choose a ghost or pirate outfit and thus control the costs.

Visit consignment shop

Awesome deals on second-hand Halloween costumes can be got at the local consignment shops. Make sure to choose the right size for your kid. However, Halloween costumes for adults is hard to find at the consignment shop.

Search online

For more alternatives for second-hand Halloween costumes besides the thrift stores check the online classified sites or Craigslist or eBay. You will certainly find one for a reasonable price.

Be flexible and choose used costumes to save most money. First look around your home for uniforms or some funny item that can be created into something unusual. Use what you have or shop cautiously for things you don’t have.

Halloween outfit ensemble is fun!

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