Three Plumbing Regulations You Should Remember

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Every home needs a fully functional plumbing system. When everything is working smoothly, you and your family will be enjoying all of the conveniences of modern-day life: running water, hot baths, flushable toilets…the list goes on and on. You just can’t deny the significance of present-day plumbing. That being said, homeowners like yourself need to be cautious and aware of regulations surrounding one of the biggest aspects of their residence. This way, everyone can be sure their plumbing meets all codes and criteria, with the helping of a trusted local plumbing company in Roswell, GA. Here are the top three regulations to be on the lookout for!

Shower Drains

Ahh, the shower. In the hustle and bustle of your busy day life, a cleansing shower is an absolute must have. Whether you’re quickly rinsing off or relaxing in the warm water, showers are a must-have. Speaking of your shower, you need to make sure the drain adheres to strict measurement standards. The diameter of a shower drain needs to measure exactly 2” in diameter, all the way to the main line, to keep it in regulatory compliance. Plumbers in Roswell, GA, can help you with your shower drain, making sure everything works perfectly and is up to code!

Toilet Drains

Another drain you need to double check are those in your toilets. Luckily, the regulations for these particular drains are a bit more flexible and forgiving than those for showers. Your toilet drains can vary in diameter from 3”-4,” but the larger one is always preferred, as plumbers in Roswell, GA, will happily explain to you. That’s because the larger the drain, the less of a chance there is for issues with clogs and back-ups. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re working on any bathroom renovation or addition projects!

Vent Pipes

Moving away from drains toward pipes, you need to pay close attention to your vent pipes. These essential components of any plumbing system are necessary along your home’s exterior for all toilets. Regulations require that each toilet has one unless two toilets are close enough together that they can be connected to the same vent pipe. You want to make sure that your vent pipes are set up to work properly, so that your plumbing system can work well for years to come. Luckily, you have professional and highly trusted plumbers in Roswell, GA, who would be pleased to help you with any and all of your plumbing concerns and requirements!

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