Should You be Playing Piccolo?


If you are a flute player, chances are you have run over the piccolo sooner or later. The piccolo is from the flute family, and it tends to be an essential device in a flute player’s armory. If you are a flute player, you ought to think about figuring out how to play piccolo. It will open up more entryways, help your woodwind playing, and make you all the more balanced. So grab a piccolo for sale.

I originally got into the piccolo a couple of years back when I got my own instrument. Regardless I have it and use it a great deal. In this way, to put it plainly, yes you should play piccolo. Here are a couple of reasons why.

1. More opportunities

Playing the piccolo, regardless of whether it isn’t your specialty, will open numerous opportunities for you. You open yourself up to all the more solo and chamber music. While there isn’t much in the method for solo music for piccolo, the repertoire is developing. What’s more, if orchestral playing is of any interest to you, piccolo is very critical. Indeed, even the important woodwind needs to play piccolo at times. You can likewise take on multiplying gigs, which is the place you are required to play both flute and piccolo. You don’t need to be the best piccolo player, however you should know the essentials.

2. You’ll have a one of a kind part.

If you play in a concert band a number of times, playing piccolo is an incredible change from flute. While the piccolo more often than not plays with the flute section, it has its very own performances. Notwithstanding when the piccolo plays with the flutes, it will be heard more. The piccolo is a higher pitched instrument, and the sound will carry over the band. You have more breathing space with piccolo, since you are your own section leader. You will be heard among the majority of different instruments, and it’s cool to get a few performances.

3. It will help your flute playing.

I know, it sounds insane. The piccolo requires an alternate, littler embouchure, so how might it help your flute sound? Playing piccolo is more diligent than a flute, and it requires significantly more expertise, muscle control, and appropriate breathing. Those procedures from the piccolo can be exchanged back to the flute. When I switch back and forth, I see an improvement in my flute sound, without a doubt.

Playing the piccolo will likewise help with your capacity to tune. The piccolo requires a progressively exact pitch when tuning, and you need to make more modifications. This will improve your aural abilities.

4. You can take it anyplace.

Presently, that doesn’t mean you can simply haul out a piccolo amidst the library. You can stick your piccolo in practically any satchel or pack you have, so it is excessively simple to take it with your woodwind. There are likewise some woodwind cases that have a pocket or area for a piccolo.

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