The Carpenters : “A Song For You” “Now And Then” “A Kind Of Hush”

Barry Manilow : “Barry Manilow Live” “This One’s For You” “Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits”

Olivia Newton John : “Making A Good Thing Better”

Nelly : “Suit”

NOW 17 : “My Place”

Last Of The Mohicans : Soundtrack


BMI Richard Kirk Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipient of BMI’s highest honor for Outstanding Career Achievement


BMI Top Grossing Film Awards

27 Dresses | The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor | xXx

Six Days Seven Nights | Anaconda | While You Were Sleeping | The Mask

The Last Of The Mohicans | Kindergarten Cop | Ghostbusters II | Twins


BMI Top Series Award



The 2014 BMI Spotlight Award

Awarded for two decades of NBC’s Randy Edelman Olympic Theme



EMMY Award Recipient

“Atlanta Olympics NBC Broadcast”



Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Film Scoring and Composition